Seminars are conducted nationwide by contract or hosting. Contracting allows an individual agency to tailor a seminar to their specific needs and to have it presented at their location. Contracting saves the agency travel and per diem costs.

Work Together, Train Together!

Host agencies benefit by receiving tuition free placements within the selected training program. This greatly reduces costs associated with travel and lodging of individual officers. Host agencies will assist in the seminar advertising through teletype messages, telephone calls and printed materials supplied by Inside The Tape. In addition, you will be asked to provide a training site, audiovisual support, and assist the instructor with ground transportation from the hotel to the training site.

A Hosted Course will be held if there is a sufficient number of "guaranteed" students in the course. This is to ensure all expenses will be covered. If enrollment is less than required, then the course may be canceled. For your support in this effort, we will waive tuition for five members of your agency or other individuals you select to attend.

Any agency wishing to contract a course can choose from the following topics if the three day training does not fit your particular needs. We understand that some departments have time restrictions which do not allow some members to take part in the three day training. One and two day training courses can be tailored to an agencies specific needs and time restrictions. Simply contact us e to discuss your agencies request and a plan can be arranged.

  1. Crime Scene Management - The same sub categories in the three day course are included here.

  2. Suicide & Equivocal Death Investigations

  3. Infant Homicide Scenes and SIDS Investigation

  4. Crime Scene Event Reconstruction

  5. Crime Scene Documentation - 2 day course training specifically in the area of scene photography, video taping and computer sketching. This two day documentation course also teaches photographic enhancement of the crime scene and proper evidence collection techniques. Outstanding training for those whose obligations involve the actual forensic process of a homicide scene. Instructed by Investigator Rob Quick who is a nineteen year veteran of the Norfolk Police Department, graduate & instructor of the Virginia State Division of Forensic Science and experienced in the process of over 3,000 crime scenes.

Not sure which program is most beneficial for your agency? Give us a call at (800) 297-6007 and we can help you choose a plan that's right for you.




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