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Inside The Tape provides law enforcement agencies with one of the most detailed and comprehensive death investigation training courses available today. Inside the Tape Death Investigation Training is committed to providing affordable training, education and support to law enforcement agencies in the field of crime scene management, homicide & death investigation and it's related forensic applications.

"Our training classes deal with evidence that is real or circumstantial in nature. This death investigation course keys on the physical evidence which exists within the crime scene perimeter, and the proper protocol for proper process. Investigators will understand the importance of proper management of a suspicious death scene, and the forensic applications that apply to each specific type of scene.

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Each month we publish a newsletter with important legal updates and training tips, geared specifically for investigators and forensic professionals.

This Month's Topic:

Death Scene Checklist

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Inside the Tape Homicide Investigation and Scene Management Training Programs are designed to benefit all law enforcement professionals.  From the first responder to the final release of a crime scene, attendees will learn to recognize the importance and significance of physical evidence within the scene of the crime and it's ultimate impact to a final reconstruction of that scene. Those who attend will learn the proper documentation of a homicide scene and how to account for activity within the scene related to the suspect, and how to recognize and minimize contamination from others. 

Cold Case Symposium Scheduled in Fall

Training can be adjusted to meet the specific need of a requesting agency or association. We conduct one and two day training courses for both coroner and medical examiner associations for annual re-training and other state agencies having a specific training need in the field of homicide investigation.

We also conduct cold case reviews for any agency in the U.S. for no fee. Departments requesting this service must contact Investigator Newman directly for additional information and needed materials.

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Hi- I would like to say thank you again for the lecture. I found it very informative, well organized, and pleasurable. This, by far, was one of my favorite training I have ever attended. I really liked that you discussed several cases and you always started by sharing the call to dispatch. Your experience and knowledge showed. So, what I am trying to says is…YOU NAILED IT!

Thanks and maybe I can attend another of your trainings in the future.

Melanie Thomas
Missoula County Sheriff's Office


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